Workin' Moms is BACK! Here's the Most Shocking Moments from Seasons 1 - 6

SPOILER ALERT: Firstly, if you’ve already started the season – do NOT tell us if Anne makes it or not. And if you haven’t watched the first six seasons, this may not be the article for you.

As we eagerly await the start of the seventh (and final) season of Working Moms, we’re taking a look back at some of our most favourite moments from the filthiest, funniest, most relatable ‘Mum’ show on telly.

Set in Canada and written by Catherine Reitman, who stars as successful PR exec Kate, Working Moms has explored a wealth of in turn funny, sad and moving themes relating to parenthood through its six series.

As season seven launches (hopefully WITHOUT A DEAD ANNE OR WE RIOT), Kirsty and I are taking a look back at our favourite ‘most shocking’ moments from the seasons gone.

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  1. Sloane using an intra-vaginal ultrasound wand as a sex toy

Season six saw Sloane (Enuka Okuma) discover she was pregnant through IVF.  And coincidentally, developing quite the attraction to the guy who is due to scan her.

sloane baby workin moms

(source Netflix)

Queue a scene frankly none of us saw coming (note, we used the proper spelling, but the pun is very much intended), when she encourages him to ahem, help her along, during her scan using the internal scanner.

It’s not what we envisioned (the word we’d use is ‘ouch’) but it certainly made our jaws drop.

  1. Kate’s Japanese Porn Fetish

Way back in season one, episode six ‘The Wolf and the Rabbit’ Kate gets a shaming for her slightly unusual porn fetish – Japanese Hen Tai (google it).

kate explains hen tai

We love this because it’s so rare that women are ever seen exploring sexuality on screen, except through the male gaze.  Masturbation and unusual kinks? In a MUM? Revolutionary.

  1. The Moment Kate Realised her Husband was Cheating with ‘Mean Nanny’.

The signs that Nathan was betraying their family were there right the way through season two, but they got caught at Kate’s second wedding. 

‘Mean Nanny’ (so called because she was mean) represented youth and fun to Nathan, quite different to his tough, sometimes distant wife.  The show got a lot of criticism for playing into old tropes with the affair,

  1. Her Revenge Affair with a Literal Child. And Breastfeeding Him.

Kate found out she was pregnant shortly after the wedding, after a bunk up in the toilets before Nanny gate.  So, there was certainly no chance for her to have a revenge fling for a while.

But shortly into season three, we see her get it on with a much younger hottie (her former boss’s son no less).  She doesn’t realise quite HOW young and ends up being sued, which Nathans helps her get out of. 

Yay, for younger men.

  1. Val’s Kids

I mean.  How could we pick one of Val’s kid’s moments to highlight?  There’s the terrible behaviour that her eventual husband cracked down.  The masturbating.  The menage-a-trois with Val’s new grandbabies. 

Those kids are a mood – and whilst Val might be a character, she’s kind, sweet and funny. We’d kick their backsides for treating her badly too.

  1. Anne Taking on the Bullies

Alice is being bullied by girls at school, because she likes to ahem – show her knickers – to the boys. Leading to one of the best lines in the show: ‘You do you, don’t let these Dicks bring you down’. 

Alice and Anne’s relationship is one of the best in the show – the temper, the embarrassment, the utter devotion.  It’s a very dramatic connection, but possibly the most relatable in the show as a result.

  1. Jenny 'Happy' Pumping in the Office at Work

Jenny doing anything is a mood in Workin’ Moms. She’s selfish, stubborn and often cruel, but series six saw a monumental comeuppance.

Our favourite Jenny moment was rushing to pump when she went back to work. Whilst also masturbating – as one does.


Jenny struggled to bond with her baby, finding it tough to adapt to parenthood and she’s not alone. It’s often not talked about but not everyone finds motherhood a dream come true.

Exploring the less attractive qualities of some parents is important and this moment is a reality check for those of us still lactating and having to work.

We know there’s about a million moments we’ve missed out – come tell us what they are on our Facebook group, or Instagram.

Workin’ Moms is available through Netflix, with Season 7 launching the 26th April 2023

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